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Finally doing it…in Bolivia.

Posted by brandperro on February 2, 2008

So I decided to start a blog…obviously. Well to start off I don’t know how much I will update my blog so don’t expect much but at least this is an attempt to stay in touch with people. Well for those of you who don’t know, I left for Washington D.C. on January 26th for the Peace Corps Bolivia staging event. Basically, this is just a way to get oriented with Peace Corps a little more and meet all the people who are part of B-47 (47th group in Bolivia). We are a pretty diverse group from all around the States. It is pretty talented group who all have amazing backgrounds. There was 32 people in the group to start but we already had one person leave before we left D.C., so now we are 31 strong. Of those people there are 15 in ag. extension and agribusiness and 16 in the natural resources and environmental education group. In the agriculture group there is only one other person doing agribusiness group. After D.C. we made our way to La Paz via Miami. La Paz is the worlds highest capital city in the world at 13,169 ft so altitude sickness can definitely be a problem. Our group was fine but you can definitely feel the effects of less oxygen at that level. For the last few days we have just been plugging way at training and doing various interviews for host family, job, language, and health. They pretty much have our day planned out for us throughout our three months of training. Our training consists safety, culture, language and technical garb to name a few. Tomorrow I will meet my host family for the first time… hijola! Some of you may wonder what I have been eating. The food here is actually pretty good. They love their soups and big lunches. Today for lunch we had a soup which consisted of a mushroom soup base with french fries floating around… definitely weird. Then the main meal of fried chicken, rice, carrot type salad and a slice of cake. Right now is the carnaval season (think Brazil and Mardi Gras). This is basically a time when people do a bunch of sinning before lent. This consists of big parties in the streets and throwing water balloons at people on the streets, some times these are filled with water and other times less desirable things like urine and ink. They also throw buckets of water on people and yesterday we saw people drop buckets of water from four stories up dousing the people on the sidewalks below. It was definitely funny to watch. I have been taking more mental pictures than anything else but I will try and attach a few that I have. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask them on here. If they are more personal, e-mail me I will try and answer them as quick as I can.

2 Responses to “Finally doing it…in Bolivia.”

  1. Mom said

    Hey Brandon. Sounds like it is very interesting so far. So there are 31 of you that will be going to all different parts of Bolivia eventually. Are you in the Agri Business group then? What is the weather like so far? Well, try not to get hit by any falling water or other balloons:)

  2. jay elsner said

    Brandon we are very proud of you!!!!! We hope you are having fun and
    learning a lot of the world. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.
    Uncle Jay, Aunt marie

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